Let That Old Car Bring You Some Extra Money: Recycle It!


Cars come into your life, you drive them, have them repaired, and then they go out of your life never to be seen again. But how often do you think about where that large collection of metal and other materials really ends its useful life? Most of these worn-out automobiles eventually go through a recycling process, though it is still common to see hundreds and even thousands of car bodies sitting in empty fields or in large commercial yards.

Does car recycling happen by accident? Does a car owner leave his or her old car sitting somewhere and it just happens to get to a location where it is processed? To shorten the story a bit, there are companies specialising in buying and reselling scrap metal. Not only do they purchase car bodies but they also pay for copper, brass, aluminium, lead, stainless steel, bronze, electric motors, and almost any other metal object that can be passed along.


There are a few basic steps that turn car bodies into metal that can be reused. After most of the non-metal is removed from the car, the body is crushed down to a more manageable size. That hunk of metal can be worth quite a bit of money to other companies that use the metal as raw material for new products.

The leading buyers and processors of metal are in a competitive industry. To survive in this field, the company must be very knowledgeable about the metal recycling business and must pay attractive prices. If they stay in business for several years, they can build relationships with major companies from an array of industries. They pay all of their valued customers the best prices possible.

However, these professionals don’t just sit back and wait for metal to make its way to them. True, you can take your items to the business and get money for them. But the top companies are serious about creating efficient operations. They work closely with steel fabricators, construction companies, and others to make sure that the metal scrapping process is something you can rely on.

Pick Up

If you have an old car body that must be disposed of, they will pick it up at no charge. They also maintain a mobile weighing facility that means you can get cash immediately for scrap. In fact, the leaders in scrap metal processing offer a website that will help you learn more about their services. Devote just a few minutes to browsing and you can learn how to earn money from recyclable materials.

If you live in the Perth area, you can arrange to have your car body taken away from anywhere in the metro area or the suburbs. With a fleet of trucks and bin-lifters, these experienced professionals make the scrap removal process quick and efficient. Do your part to keep the environment clean and uncluttered and put some money in your pocket at the same time. It’s not necessary to let that old car sit on your property to rust away. Make the smart call.