Discover the many ways in which used cars can save you money


It’s a known fact that shopping at one of the many South Glamorgan used car dealers is going to save you a fair amount of money in the long run when compared to going out and buying a brand new car. However – you’ll save money in a few more very clever ways than just the initial payment, beginning with the oft-discussed subject of depreciation…


Buy a used car, and you’ll have to suffer through a lot less deprecation of value than you would with a brand new car. Brand new cars lose the vast majority of their value mere months after being bought – which is a crying shame.


Think of it like this; the first dent, scratch, or bump on a brand new car is likely to be earth-shattering. If you’re purchasing a used car – which is already likely to have gone through a tiny bit of wear and tear – then a dent or two won’t really matter as much.

A lot of hidden fees…

When you buy a brand new car, there are a lot of hidden fees lurking about that you probably didn’t realise. It could be related to paying the dealer’s wages, the showroom, insurance, the upkeep of more technology in the car….

When shopping for used cars, it’s always important to ask the seller questions about things regarding the future upkeep and maintenance of the car – it may be cheap at first, but you never know if the seller might be hiding a costly secret from you.

To play it safe, you should always aim to shop at a trusted used car dealership – your wallet will thank you later!