Australian Women Take the Reins in the Car Buying Process

The beautiful shapely curves, thehead-turning sass, that gorgeous behind.

What’s not to love? So now women are following suit. It’s that gorgeous roll, that long, soft roar. That’s what has women going, “Wow,” too.  It’s the carthat draws the attention from this admirer. It’s the girls who are looking more frequently.

More Australian Women Drivers than Ever Before

Every day, more and more Australian women are turning to the joy of car ownership and taking on the responsibility of the carbuying process. Women are in charge, not only in business and political roles but also in a segment that has traditionally been linked to men: the buying of a new or used car. Analysts say that there are now more female drivers than male drivers, and the trend applies consistently across all industrialized countries.

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Not only are more women sitting in the driver’s seat, they are also making more trips and buying more cars. According to recent statistics, 80% of all car buying decisions are now influenced by women, and their purchasing decision is based on the idea of freedom.  Overall, the statistics show that they prefer small, manoeuvrable vehicles, but also assign importance to design, comfort, safety, and quality build. The features of choice are park assist, clear dashboard lighting, and easy access. Basically, women look for anything that can make the driving experience more intuitive and easier: integrated system access for mobile devices, entertainment, driving assist, digital assistance, and other convenient features.

It’s All Thanks to Affordability

Every decade, more women enter the Canberra job market and they are just as educated as men. The pay parity between men and women is quickly increasing and this gives women more disposable income and purchasing power to buy a new or used car.

Women are More Active in the Car Buying Process

Women aren’t just sitting by either while the men in the family make the car purchasing decision. Canberra dealerships are now seeing women armed with vehicle, build, style, and price knowledge walk through the doors ready to make a deal. They know what they want and the price they want to pay for the car of their choice. Women today areknowledgeable about cars in part due to the Internet. So when they look for Canberra used cars for sale, they want reliable vehicle information, a good test drive, and sales options that offer benefits. Whether it’s a used or new car, Australian women are looking for safety, value, and style in the car they drive. They look for specific features that men may not consider, and it’s these features and requirements that make for better, safer drivers.

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Bottom Line

The car buying experience can be pleasant for everyone involved. However, it is important, whether you are male or female, to research and understand all of the features of any car model you are considering. Look for the car makes you like first, read up on the features of the models you are interested in, then go look at the vehicles and take a test drive. It’s always best to make an informed buying decision on any large ticket item.