5 Benefits to Hiring Equipment for Your Business


To be successful in business, you need to cut costs where you can without compromising the quality of service provided to your customers. One way to keep costs down is to hire equipment when it is needed instead of investing thousands of dollars by buying it. Here are five benefits companies enjoy by hiring instead of buying equipment for their businesses.

Save Operating Capital

Instead of investing your working capital in equipment you may only use on occasion, you can save it and hire the equipment you need only when it is needed. When you buy a piece of equipment, there are many factors to consider, such as maintenance, repairs, storage, and fuel costs. These factors don’t have to be considered when equipment is hired as needed. This allows you to use your operating capital on improving or expanding your business instead of spending thousands of dollars on equipment.

Update as Needed

When equipment is bought for a company, most business owners will keep and use it until it breaks down and cannot be repaired. However, when you hire equipment on a long-term basis, you can exchange it for an updated model whenever it begins to need frequent repairs. This helps avoid delays when equipment isn’t functioning because the company you’ve hired it from can exchange the forklift or backhoe right away.

Try Before Buy

If you’re unsure exactly which equipment model will work best for your business, you can try it out before committing thousands of dollars to buying it. While a hand pallet may be all you need for now, as your company grows, you may need to invest in a stock picker or another type of stocking equipment. By hiring Sydney forklift trucks to test out, you can avoid buying equipment that quickly becomes obsolete for your needs.

Tax Advantages

By hiring instead of buying equipment for your company, you will get to take advantage of tax deductions. As long as the equipment is used exclusively for business, your company will get to claim all of the rental payments as deductions on its taxes. This will be easier for your accountant than trying to calculate interest and depreciation on every piece of equipment you’ve bought.

Meet Demand

For seasonal businesses, hiring equipment is more cost efficient than buying it because you can call the equipment company to hire what you need. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on equipment gathering dust for most of the year, you can use short-term hires to help meet your demand. Then, when you no longer need the equipment, you can simply return it to the equipment company so it is out of the way and you no longer have to pay for its upkeep or storage.

For most small businesses, hiring equipment instead of buying it allows them to save money while meeting their customers’ demands. You can use your operating capital to improve your business instead of tying it up by buying expensive equipment and paying the associated costs for its upkeep.